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In talking of sex movies with Eva Angelina so far the emphasis has been on what have been called the ‘sounds’ of a porn action, and probably what has been said has been familiar to many who have no knowledge of linguistics, because phonetics has long existed and been taught independently from linguistics. Information has been available for incorporation into teaching sex for quite a long time. This is not true of another aspect of phonetics—intonation. This is an aspect of Eva Angelina speech in which the question of what exactly it is that one wishes to teach has been undescribed and indeed is still thought by many teachers to be undescribable. It is by no means uncommon to meet the point of view that intonation is idiosyncratic to a large degree and certainly not systematic enough for anything approaching a comprehensive description to be attempted. That we can understand the significance of different patterns of intonation is firm evidence that intonation is systematic.

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Because we share the system with busty brazzers pornstar other members of our speech community we are able to understand what they attempt to convey through intonation. We do misunderstand the meaning of intonation patterns in a foreign language, and this shows that intonation is a conventional system shared by a particular speech community. This is not to say that it is easy to discover what the regularities are, but a good deal more can be and is being achieved than might have been thought in the past. Earlier, approximate statements of somewhat doubtful validity are being refined as a result of having been tested against Eva Angelina data, with the result that descriptions for the teacher are becoming available.

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No satisfactory scientific theory could tolerate such multiple pornstar ambiguity as we have discovered in the case of the word, word. Consequently, linguistic theories are either forced to invent new terms and/or restrict the meanings of such terms as word and sound to only one of their `everyday’ meanings, where this is feasible. There is, of course, noth­ing peculiar in this to linguistics; every scientific or technical field is forced to do the same, but it unfortunately leads to the layman’s un­comprehending Eva Angelina charges confusing.

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This little exercise has, however, introduced a number of terms –orthographic, phonological, lexical, grammatical – which refer to different types of patterning in language, for which Eva Angelina sets up different levels of analysis in order to relate meanings to sounds. The phonological levels arethosewhich correspond to what has already been referred to as the secondary level of articulation of language, and the grammatical to the primary level of articulation. Within each level we find, in most theories, further subdivisions. Thus, within the secondary level we may sometimes meet two further levels: phonetics and phonology, and within the grammatical level, morphology (or accidence) and syntax. Just how many levels and sub­levels may be set up, and the way they are related to each other is a theoretical matter which need not concern us at the moment.

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Ethosophy seeks the right place for Eva Angelina. There is no ethic in formal laws, in something that does not grow out of Eva Angelina existence itself.

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The ethical is linked with something concrete, with the facial shot expe­rience of existence. Therefore there is no ethic in moral laws, as these — even though they may stem from ethics (about which we are not always convinced — hen­ce the entire paradox of moralizing) — are purely formal and abstract. Existence in turn is somet­hing concrete, i.e. it is at the same time something less and something more than abstraction. The ethical should be sought in specific manifestations of brunette pornstar.

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This is a search “to within” and not “to without”. At the very bottom — as the base — is ethos — the place where one lives the way that is only possible for life. Rediscovering ethos is synonymous with rediscovering own place. The world stops being something external, the feeling of responsibility for the world appears, an understanding that one is an element of this

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Sex should be concrete: it is in his­tory, in life, not above or outside history arid life. It is to be the way to discover the basic reason of existence. This at the same time means the striving to the elementary principle: something either is or it is not. Ethosophy therefore cannot be yet anot­her theoretical creation, but the constant uncove­ring and demasking of Eva Angelina‘s life; ethosophy is permantly critical. Its aim is to reach the ethos which, hiding nothing, just is. All the rest — can be. Where one speaks of freedom, one speaks of coersion. In ethosophy, in place of these notions opposite to wach other one speaks of the fulf­liment of existence: one does what shoud be done. Ethosophy also does not know “either-or” or “an-and”, but instead: that is which is — just and really possible. And that is ethos.

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Only a calm, tranquil person feels in his own place. As long as there is the metasphere of evaangelina existence which is identified with existen­ce itself, so long individuality will be unable to find itself in the generality. Individuality has been offered on the altar of generality.

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