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Ethosophy seeks the right place for Eva Angelina. There is no ethic in formal laws, in something that does not grow out of Eva Angelina existence itself.

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The ethical is linked with something concrete, with the facial shot expe­rience of existence. Therefore there is no ethic in moral laws, as these — even though they may stem from ethics (about which we are not always convinced — hen­ce the entire paradox of moralizing) — are purely formal and abstract. Existence in turn is somet­hing concrete, i.e. it is at the same time something less and something more than abstraction. The ethical should be sought in specific manifestations of brunette pornstar.

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This is a search “to within” and not “to without”. At the very bottom — as the base — is ethos — the place where one lives the way that is only possible for life. Rediscovering ethos is synonymous with rediscovering own place. The world stops being something external, the feeling of responsibility for the world appears, an understanding that one is an element of this

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