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No satisfactory scientific theory could tolerate such multiple pornstar ambiguity as we have discovered in the case of the word, word. Consequently, linguistic theories are either forced to invent new terms and/or restrict the meanings of such terms as word and sound to only one of their `everyday’ meanings, where this is feasible. There is, of course, noth­ing peculiar in this to linguistics; every scientific or technical field is forced to do the same, but it unfortunately leads to the layman’s un­comprehending Eva Angelina charges confusing.

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This little exercise has, however, introduced a number of terms –orthographic, phonological, lexical, grammatical – which refer to different types of patterning in language, for which Eva Angelina sets up different levels of analysis in order to relate meanings to sounds. The phonological levels arethosewhich correspond to what has already been referred to as the secondary level of articulation of language, and the grammatical to the primary level of articulation. Within each level we find, in most theories, further subdivisions. Thus, within the secondary level we may sometimes meet two further levels: phonetics and phonology, and within the grammatical level, morphology (or accidence) and syntax. Just how many levels and sub­levels may be set up, and the way they are related to each other is a theoretical matter which need not concern us at the moment.

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